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A Complete Guide to Dummy Phones

complete guide to dummy phones

Have you always thought that real smart phones are in display of a cell phone shop? We hate to break it to you but you have been duped! Those are dummy phones most of the time. A dummy phone, or a non-working phone, is used commonly as a representation to indicate that the store have that model. More importantly, this is used to prevent theft of expensive phones.

You may have search the web and find no luck in searching info about these dummy phones. Well, fear not. This guide will delve into what's inside a dummy mobile phone, how to spot a one from a real one, some examples of realistic toy cellphones and where to find wholesale dummy cell phones.


What a Dummy Phone Interior Looks Like

You may think that it looks real from the outside. But, one Youtuber opened a Samsung toy phone to show what actually is inside of it in this video. Spoiler alert: don't be surprised if we find no electronics in there.

First, he removed the top case (the one with the screen) and we can see that it's just a cheap plastic that's just glued to the metal body. The Menu button can easily be detached as well. Then, he showed the back part. He opened the cover and a thin metal sheet, which represents a battery, is attached in the middle. The camera is just a lens that is fastened on to what seemed to be the receiver.


Comparing a Dummy iPhone to a Real iPhone

Due to lack of resources online, we refer again to this Youtube video comparing a dummy iPhone 6 to a real iPhone 5s. The Youtuber who uploaded this first unboxed the iPhone dummy and when he flipped it, we can see that there is no Apple logo on the back. He said that the dummy iPhone 6 fits more comfortably in his hand than the actual iPhone 5s. The ports and buttons are really perfect replicas of the real ones.


Fake vs. Real: The True Test

fake vs dummy phone

Do you want to know if a phone is a counterfeit? These are some warning signs that you should look out for:

SUBTLE APPEARANCE DIFFERENCES: You might find it hard to search for differences at first glance because the fake one's aim is to really fool you. However, a keen viewing might lead you to some obvious ones. Observe the color, location of buttons, size or spelling of the brand name. Counterfeiters are able to copy almost all the phone's details down to very small ones. Therefore, it makes it more difficult to tell if a phone is original. As much as possible, you need to view the phone in person to scrutinize it properly.

FEATURES: iPhones made from China are the best example for this. One can hardly tell the difference between an Apple-made from China-made from the outside. But, once you opened them, the features are way too different. China-made iPhone iTunes app lead to Spotify. Like, what the heck? Then, the counterfeit display is much dimmer compared to the authentic one. The point here is you need to read the specs of the phone you are targeting to buy before making that purchase.

FUNCTIONALITY: Bogus phones are occasionally made out of cheap sub-standard components. Processing speeds are much slower. Also, operating systems might have missing essentials. That's why the phone may not be compatible with affiliated software and applications.

WARRANTY: All manufacturers have a limited warranty for their products. One give away to tell if it is a fake one is when it doesn't have a policy wherein you can return a damage product. So, beware!

PRICE: This might be the biggest sign that your phone is a counterfeit. If it's a lot cheaper than the actual price, you might want to reconsider this. Remember to opt for quality rather than cheap without a guaranteed satisfaction.


Realistic Toy Phones Available at Unlimited Cellular

dummy phones

LG Vortex VS660 Replica Dummy Phone is available in bulk packaging. Some android phones for dummies are Samsung Omnia II I920 Replica, Samsung Galaxy Tab SCH-i800 Replica and LG Chocolate Touch VX8575. These are also available in bulk packaging. They look and weigh the same as the real phones they model. They are frequently used as kids' toys or shop displays.


Where to find Wholesale Dummy Cell Phones

You can find affordable wholesale options for dummy phone needs at us, Unlimited Cellular. You can always save more when you buy in bulk.




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The Benefit of LED's

LED’s are the future of kitchen lighting. Now that incandescent bulbs are no longer available to purchase and with plans on the horizon to also phase out halogen bulbs, now is the time to consider incorporating LED’s within your kitchen along with a trimless downlights.

LED Glass Shelf Clip Lights

LED’s are often thought of as producing a ‘cold’ light; however this is no longer the case. LED’s are now available in a range of different colour temperatures including cool white, natural white (daylight) and warm white, so there is a shade to suit any style of kitchen cabinetry.

If you have a contemporary, high-gloss finish then a cool white led downlight will work well, or for more traditional kitchen designs opt for a warm white, which will highlight the effect of the grain in the wood. The strength of light is also greater than that from halogen bulbs, and if you are looking for a more intense output, HD LED’s are also becoming widely popular.

In fact, HD LED’s run at under 2W on average and will provide the same level of light as a 20W halogen fitting. So, not only do LED’s provide fantastic results, but they will help the environment and save you money too!

Sensio HD LED Linkable Strip Lighting

The low wattage of LED lighting means that your energy consumption can be reduced by over 90%, lowering the cost of your bills at the same time. Save more energy for using a same mechanism like wall switch inside a bathroom.

Halogen bulbs produce an excessive amount of wasted energy, which is harmful to both your wallet and the environment. To give you a better idea, 90% of the energy used with halogen bulbs is wasted and converted into radiant heat. LED’s are a far safer option as they will not over heat and do not produce UV or IR rays.

In terms of how long each type of lighting lasts for, again there is no competition. LED’s are expected to last for 40,000 hours, that’s approximately twelve and a half years, compared to a lifespan of just 3,000 hours with a halogen alternative! This means less replacement bulbs and less maintenance, which will also save you money in the long run. Did you know that you could save approximately £50.58 per year on electricity and bulb costs on each light fitting if you change from halogen to LED?

If you are in the process of planning a new kitchen design, make LED lighting a must-have feature. Once you have experienced the quality of light and the cost saving benefits, you will never go back!\




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Samsung teams up with ADT for new SmartThings-powered home security system

ADT Home Security

Samsung announced a new SmartThings-powered home security system today, but with an interesting twist: the company has partnered with ADT, a professional home security company, to provide optionalsecurity monitoring services. The end result is a product that combines DIY smart home products with professionally installed and monitored security systems, for what may be the best of both worlds.

For cheap phone security of your phone from scratches, water and drop check

The base bundle is the $549.99 ADT Home Security Starter Kit. It comes with the Security Hub, two door and window detectors, and a motion detector. The Security Hub, in addition to serving as the base station for the rest of the devices, also serves as a SmartThings hub for controlling and connecting other SmartThings devices. Samsung will be selling additional expansion kits that add other sensors for things like fire, carbon monoxide, and water. On its own, the kit is more or less the same as other DIY home security products from companies like Nest or Abode.

The ADT partnership comes with optional professional monitoring, which you can sign up for in the app. The company is promising that no phone calls or contracts are required, and that customers will be able to activate or cancel service at any time. Monthly monitoring starts at $14.99 for life safety and $24.99 for security services.

But don’t confuse the Samsung / ADT system with a full-blown, professionally installed setup. It’s still a DIY home security product that customers will be able to buy and install themselves. It will be available online and at Best Buy when it launches on October 29th.

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Virtual Reality Sound in The Turning Forest

In April 2016, The Turning Forest premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and made it into's eight favourite VR pieces at Tribeca.

The Turning Forest is a magical sound-led VR fairytale written by Shelley Silas and directed by Oscar Raby. It was created for the Oculus Rift and at Tribeca we also used a SubPac (a haptic vest) to enhance the audio experience. The experience took place in a magical forest installation built from acoustic blankets to reduce the noise levels.

The original production was one of three short dramas that were commissioned by the EPSRC Programme Grant S3A: Future Spatial Audio for an Immersive Listener Experience at Home (EP/L000539/1) and the BBC as part of the BBC Audio Research Partnership. Eloise Whitmore and Edwina Pitman produced a short audio feature (above), telling the story of how The Turning Forest went from research project to film festival.

BBC Click recently featured The Turning Forest after its world premiere at Tribeca. They give a great introduction to binaural sound and the work that we're doing on this project and beyond. The full episode is available on the iPlayer but the piece on the Turning Forest is embedded below.  I also give a little more technical detail on how the 3D sound was created.

There has been a lot of discussion about the importance of sound in virtual reality this year compare to architectural rendering 3D. There are now tools available for creating and distributing 360˚ and VR experiences with dynamic binaural sound i.e. headphone sound that gives a 3D spatial impression and updates according to your orientation. With the Turning Forest VR project our aim was to demonstrate the impact that high-quality 3D sound production can make in virtual reality content like a 3d floor plan. To achieve this we built two major components of our audio research work into a production workflow for VR, dynamic binaural rendering interior design and the Audio Definition Model.

Our binaural production system, previously used to create the Fright Night radio dramas, was used to make a broadcast quality sound mix for headphones, using real-time tracking to adapt the 3D audio scene to the listener’s orientation. It was integrated with a synchronised 360˚ video viewer to allow for spatial alignment of visual and sound sources, as previously used on the Unearthed production for BBC Taster.

The big difference between this and previous projects was that this was not just 360˚ video production but virtual reality, where a 3D world was created using computer graphics and the listener could move within the scene (within a limited range). We created the audio first and then commissioned the wonderful Oscar Raby and his VRTOV studio to help us to turn it into a VR experience. Therefore we needed a workflow that allowed them to build an interactive visual world around our 3D sound scene. Using the Audio Definition Model, we could export the audio sources and their dynamic position data into a single WAV file from the binaural production system.

Our software for binaural rendering and handling the Audio Definition Model was then built into plug-ins for the Unity game engine, which was used by VRTOV to produce the graphical content. So we could export our complete object-based 3D audio mix from the audio workstation to the game engine via a single file.

One additional trick that we used for the installation at the Tribeca festival was to add a low frequency effects signal through a device called a SubPac, a backpack that translates the LFE into body vibrations. This shook the listener with the footsteps of the creature in the forest, which was fun.

We plan to give more details on these tools and the workflow in a technical paper in the future. There was obviously a lot learned during this process similar to exterior 3d rendering which can be improved upon with further development, but we feel it allowed us to create a rich and immersive sound scene that greatly enhanced the virtual reality experience.

The Turning Forest VR would not have been possible without the excellent work of a large team of talented audio engineers:

BBC R&D Developers
Richard Taylor
Richard Day
Tom Nixon

S3A Researchers
James Woodcock
Andreas Franck
Phil Coleman
Dylan Menzies

Sound Production Team
Eloise Whitmore
Tom Parnell
Steven Marsh
Ben Young
Paul Cargill

Head of BBC R&D Audio Team
Frank Melchior

The original production was one of three short dramas that were commissioned by the EPSRC Programme Grant S3A: Future Spatial Audio for an Immersive Listener Experience at Home (EP/L000539/1) and the BBC as part of the BBC Audio Research Partnership. They have already been used in several research studies. The content itself is available in object-based Audio Definition Model WAV files from the University of Salford and a paper discussing the production was presented at the AES Convention in Paris.


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New Added Guides in FFXIV Killer Guides

New Added Guides in FFXIV Killer Guides

Killerguides FFXIV ReviewIf you read my previous review about Killer Guides FFXIV, here is just continuation of the guide. As I found an interesting development with the guide as they release new set of guides, the Arcanist Guide and the Lancer Guide.

Both guide help you to how to level fast as fast of one week, recommendation on what equips to wear and skill rotation to maximize your character full potential. They will provide you some tips and techniques in pulling strategies, skill rotations and tactical gameplay in systematic manner, this will easily double your soloing efficiency. Also with this guides it will teach you how to monetize your character by providing you some on areas and monsters to kill that bring greater profit and for you to earn more gil. Of course the info is limited unlike their gil guide, which contains the most effective ways on how to earn gil.

Now they have five guides to choose from depends of your need. But if you buy this guide in bundle, you can have all this for $49.99. Compose of 5 guides and total of 460 pages to read with.

If you still undecided to have this or not, hope this Killer Guide FFXIV review can help you out. Also read user’s feedback about this guide as well as Killer Guide coupon codes.

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Get 25% OFF When You Buy Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Get a 25% OFF when you buy Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn. You can now get the PC copy for as low as $22.50, this is for limited time only.

To avail the discount, get the FFXIV: A Realm Reborn coupon code here and direct link on where you can the discounted copy.

If you still undecided on why you need to buy the FFXIV, read recent customer reviews below the post and since you are beginner or late bloomers check out the FFXIV guide on how to level fast and how to get gil.



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Killer Guides FFXIV Guide Review

Killer Guides FFXIV Guide Review - Taking Your game to the Next Level

Killerguides FFXIV ReviewAnother game updates happened to day 27th August year 2013, today is the official launched of the second version of the Final Fantasy XIV, called the FFXIV Realm Reborn. Click here to read more about the Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn since this post is not about the review about  the game, it’s a review about the newest guide released by Killerguides.. the FFXIV Realm Reborn guide.

So if you are wondering what the best class combinations are? Seeking a better way to make Gil? Tired of falling behind on the leveling curve? Killerguides Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn guides were specifically created to help players master the challenges of the game. Created by some of the most experienced and passionate FFXIV veterans, power levelers and professional editors, the guides provide tactics and proven strategies that allow you to get to know the game in a way you never thought possible.

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Demon Hunter Diablo 3 Achievement Guide

Demon Hunter Diablo 3 Achievement Guide

Diablo 3 published using a broad achievement system. For just a variety of accomplishments, gamers became a huge fans for being able to accomplish additional things on this moment. Blizzard has included a listing of achievements featuring short, exciting things, as well as very long drawn out as well as significantly rewarding goals, just like their own some other modern games.

For accomplishing achievements, players are often recognised with brand new pieces of visuals for their banners. Many other players can see your own imaginative side, by way of banners showing up around town in multiplayer online games. Simply clicking the player’s banner could teleport you towards that player’s active place, which is a new highly helpful feature. Accomplishing these kinds of achievements enables players to modify their particular banners that has a wide variety of innovative pictures and banner types.

Blizzard designed to make achievement system be considered a not required, yet usually exciting accessory for the overall game. For some time wanting to finish each of the achievements, online players who've accomplished the rest can certainly still stay in the hand. With a vast number of different categories, achievements can be obtained. There are several quite common types, such as achievements for busting each boss, each and every difficulty levels, getting maximum levels and etc. Additionally there are various class specific ones designed for each class as well as a few designed for the hardcore game mode. For discovering every single possible location, examining every single book in every single act, leveling up your artisans completely, etc, there are also achievements for all those. Putting on clothing all dyed pink and beating each and every boss for example, are a couple of strange occasional achievements that are also available. In general, the actual achievement system adds a great factor to Diablo 3.

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Wizard Diablo 3 Achievement Guide

Wizard Diablo 3 Achievement Guide

A comprehensive achievement system is launched by Diablo 3. For a slew of accomplishments, players have become a huge fans for being capable to do additional stuff within this moment. Just like their many other modern online games, Blizzard has involved a listing of achievements offering quick, entertaining stuff, along with long drawn out and highly satisfying objectives.

Regarding accomplishing achievements, gamers are often rewarded by way of brand-new pieces of artwork for their banners. Some other online players are able to see your creative aspect, by way of banners appearing in town within multi-player video games. It'll teleport you to that player's present area simply by clicking the player's banner, which is a well helpful function. Finishing these types of achievements enables players to personalize their particular banners having a wide variety of imaginative pics and banner types.

As well as the video game, Blizzard plans to make the achievement system be a not required, but often exciting. For a long period trying to complete all the achievements, gamers who've finished anything else can certainly still continue playing. Having a huge variety of categories, achievements are available. Achievements for busting every single boss, every difficulty level, getting the highest level and etc, that are typical ones can also be found. You will also discover various class specific ones for every single class as well as a few designed for the hardcore game mode. For discovering every single available specific location, looking at every single book within every single act, leveling up your artisans fully, and so forth, you can also find achievements for those. Putting on garments all dyed pink and defeating each and every boss as an example, are a couple of odd occasional achievements that are made available. The actual achievement system brings a great aspect to Diablo 3 all in all.

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Diablo 3 Resistance and Elemental Guide

Diablo 3 Resistance and Elemental Guide

Diablo 3 Inferno

In the Diablo 2 in which only had 3 difficulties though with Diablo 3 another difficulty is added. Diablo 3 adds in the Inferno difficulty when you overcome Hell in addition to the regular difficulty sets of normal, nightmare, and hell. To tell you the truth if I look at it to other difficulties Inferno is far more challenging. In fact only few who (Diablo 3 Players) had overcome this final act of the Inferno difficulty setting.

Make 287,923,012 Gold in 7 days

From the Hell difficulty they noticed Inferno a huge step, why? Allow me to share few reasons. Your resistances definitely matter for the first time once you reach Inferno. Several types of damages coming from selection of sources either its elemental along with other non-physical damage types. Just owning high armor or vitality statistics won't be sufficient to make it through inferno. You'll out investing almost all your time and effort waiting to revive when you don't contain massive amounts of resistance. Unique and champion enemies contain 4 properties and this is why Inferno is much more far difficult compare along with other level. It is just not unusual to get yourself a group of champion opponents with a property combination like jailer, vortex, arcane, desecrator. These huge combinations can cause huge trouble for players, occasionally making them to reload the game and hope for a different combination.

The game changes swiftly into much more of a team dynamic when you reach Inferno. It is simply too difficult to push forward on your own with all the increased difficulty. Using your fellow players, you can come together to battle the greatest challenges Diablo 3 provides in its new Inferno Difficulty setting.

In the event you find hard doing solo and can't get colleagues to assist you all out this Inferno difficulty. It is possible to check Best Diablo 3 guide that will guide you all the way from level 1 up to 60 along with dungeon, most suitable equips and abilities to use. This guide offers money back guarantee and not a recurring payment guide just like the others coz this is a one-time payment and get a refund if will this wont works with you. Or help your self by acquiring your bag packed with vast amounts of gold that you'll be able to use to buy better equips and armor from gold selling sites. They sell less costly diablo 3 gold a far rate compare to Bliz. Look at recommended gold selling sites at Diablo 3 Gold Reviews - where best place to buy diablo 3 gold listed!

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