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IGE Now Offering SWTOR Credits / Gold

IGE Now Offering SWTOR Credits / Gold

Companies selling Star Wars: The Old Republic currency for real-world money have begun hawking their wares - months prior to a game's projected launch.

Popular gold seller IGE officially launch their SWTOR Credits page for US and SWTOR Credits EU. IGE claimed likely the world's most trusted bank for virtual gold in online games like WoW, Rift, FFXIV, etc; i always more or less agree after i personally tried their services once or twice possesses good feedback from WoW Gold Reviews.

Expand searching for SWTOR credits/gold to Google plus a thriving pre-release market appears: website addresses include,,,,,,,, and many others.

Does the catering company know already the best way to effectively earn SWTOR credits to offer? Or do they really simply presume they shall be capable to? Their early marketing plan looks suspicious in my experience since they spam much to get search engine rank.

Furthermore - can BioWare stop them?

A closed beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic looms, and more than 1.5 million gamers have registered their affinity for joining it, in accordance with EA.

The closed beta should, for the first time, allow press to research the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic unhindered - i.e. devoid of the stabilisers of a controlled EA demo.

The launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic has already been announced.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sixteen Best Ideas on How To Make Gold in WoW

Sixteen Best Ideas on How To Make Gold in WoW

For how many years I’ve been playing WoW and blogging in order to easy way earn gold, this post is going to be my debut to star dome! When i listed the 16 Easiest ways in order to make gold in WoW:

• 1 Professions are a fantastic start

Primary and Secondary professions are perfect places to start out being profitable from. Most professions permit you to make goods for other characters you can target them.

• 2 Learn make use of the Auction House (AH)

The AH is usually the lifeblood you may be contending with potions, epic weapons, or reagents. Understanding how to work with it could be tricky, but one is the most than worth it whenever you find a hot commodity. Here's a auction house pricing guide on the way you play AH prices and dominate items for gold cap.

• 3 Keep your talent on the trade channel

When you're able to, maintain eyes on channel 2 because occasionally you will see great deals countless everyone is competing with the AH in terms of price which can be best of all if the particular market is in a slump.

• 4 Know what you are selling

This definitely seems to be good sense, however, if you look up item A and has now 5 more uses than item B, it should be likely to sell better. If item A can be a trade good or consumable, it must be simpler to manufacture. The greater you will enjoy at making Item A, the more effective the feeling for the market you will get.

• 5 Know thy market

This goes in conjunction with being aware of what you're selling. If you sell a product of sufficient length, you receive a feel for the regular price on the server (an alternative way to know when someone is wanting to cheat you), the foremost players in niches, and just how much profit margin you can obtain for your sale.

• 6 Invest in macro training

If you intend to bark out that you are doing enchants in a busy city, be sure that you can perform so while not having to type a smallish paragraph when. 3 lines definitely seems to be the respectable max for any post from the trade channel.

• 7 Fishing might be boring, but worth it

You would be suprised at what fisherman chin-up. Yes, I understand it's boring sometimes, repetitive all the time, and the majority almost daily you have worthless fish. However, if you already know the best place to fish, that changes the action. Fishing active schools and uncommon fish can net you some nice gold. Pick out fish that get employed in feasts, potions, and various raid materials and you will get their hands on some actual money.

• 8 Make alts help you

An ALT is surely an alternative character often about the same server. For those who have some extra materials that can be processed and resold, send them off towards alt, signing in sixty minutes later and run them from the profession of preference (will require leveling in many instances), send it and resell. This is a more in depth guide on how to get rich using a Bank Alt.

• 9 Have an alt within a capital city

When you don't always play Alts, an advice I just read about somewhere made the suggestion to get an Alt in the capital simply put main character doesn't have always to travel time for post item in the AH. Definitely a good option but if your character will likely be away within the wilds for just a bit. This works as long as you may easily reach a mailbox.

• 10 Gold farmers are people too

That is fast becoming a recognizable tradition in WoW that is certainly simultaneously loved and hated for several reasons. If you are good over it, farming from a gathering skill from the right areas is a lot like panning for gold and consistently setting it up.

• 11 Be nice to people

Another no brainer, but make sure to be nice and respectful when closing a sale because they are paying you for something that they can get elsewhere. Plus, it would even net you some additional sales down the road and increase your reputation around the server.

• 12 Don't certainly be a ninja

When you are within a group therefore you need a service, ask first. If you ever just want that item, again, ask. If you roll need over a item you simply can't use or simply because, that creates that you ninja, e-mail, ninjas aren't getting re-invited into groups. For further ways regarding how to never become a ninja.

• 13 Hit small instances

If you are a more fantastic range player (80-85), there are actually lesser instances you could solo to receive extra cash. You may score additional rep too and a lot instances from BC and listed here are easily solo-able.

• 14 Find limited recipes

Most recipes are available at a specific vendor, however some can only be obtained once or simply twice at a vendor within a certain time period. The recipes that contain limited availability and also a vendor who will not be simple to be able to will in most cases sell adequately. Crafting items from BOP recipes may be worth a lot at the same time.

• 15 Ride just like the wind

I realize part of the basis for the following pointers is usually to be capable to get hold of a mount, but once you will have a mount, this is a tremendous speed boost in your gathering ability to help you cash in on money at a rate. Plus, it's nice in order to travel at faster speeds.

• 16 Neutral auction houses

Make you stay eye out for factional type issues that might be sold within the neutral AH for the decent profit. Recipes, pets, items, and even more can be sold for gold if you've got the patience.

I do know how the guide is bit basic but this how all start, in basic! So have a substantial basic regarding how to make gold in WoW and I’m sure you will end up in close proximity to gold cap. For easy and safe wow gold, purchase from top gold selling sites! Check our WoW Gold Reviews - list of Best Place to Buy WoW Gold!

Sixteen Most effective Methods on How To Make Gold in World of warcraft
16 Best Solutions on How To Make Gold in WoW
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buying gold on wow - inflation

Inflation - WoW Gold Reviews

In WoW, inflation can be seen in the overall amount of gold within the economy and the increased price of goods and services, such as repairs, vendor-bought items, and even tradeable goods. If we look at sources/factors of “an increase in the volume of money” in WoW, we can identify a few big ones. The major ways in which gold comes into the wow gold reviews economy are as follows:

    wow gold reviews - inflation
  1. Looting it directly from a mob
  2. Receiving it as a reward from a quest
  3. Selling an item to a vendor
  4. Indirectly through looting as a result of the Cash Flow guild perk

On the other side of the equation, gold leaves the economy primarily in these ways:
  1. Purchasing an item from a vendor
  2. AH fees (expired posting fees, AH cut)
  3. A character is deleted while still possessing some gold
  4. Item repairs, learning skills, essentially – any NPC interaction that costs gold.

Meanwhile, the following things really have no impact on inflation:
  1. Buying/selling items directly between players.
  2. Ghostcrawler nerfing your class to the ground (just making sure you’re still paying attention…)

Why should I care about inflation? Epictoon Coupon

Epictoon Coupon That’s all fine and good, but how does inflation affect us? Simply put, inflation plays a huge role in establishing value, which is something that is obviously quite a big deal for us, as gold-makers. It impact everything from the value of our gold to the value of the junk in your bank that you’ve been meaning to clear out. IGE Coupon The biggest reason, in my opinion, though is the role that inflation will play in major investment decisions. Let’s use flipping TCG mounts as an example.

If we are looking to purchase an undervalued TCG mount for 50k, we need to consider both the amount of our return AND the rate of our return, while factoring in inflation in order to make a meaningful decision. Let’s say we post our mount for 100k. That’s a 50k profit, and double our  – sweet deal, right?  Well, it depends on the amount of time it takes us to sell and inflation. Let’s say that it takes us 5 months to sell the mount. If we calculate an inflation rate of 1% per month, then our 50k cost would carry an effective value of 52.5k gold, 5 months later. That would mean our investment would really only be worth 47.5k profit.If for some bizarre reason, we were looking at an inflation rate of 20% per month, than all of a sudden, our 50k investment will be effectively only be break-even 5 months later. Rift Gold Reviews

Granted, these examples are really oversimplifying and exaggerating the role that inflation plays – but the point is to help you realize that being able to accurately measure inflation can help you to more effectively value your goods and make better investment decisions.

What can we do about Inflation? IGE Review

IGE Review The most important way to handle inflation is to first of all be able to accurately measure it. I’ve recently started a little project with the aim of accomplishing just that. Epictoon Review To participate in the discussion, or to get involved with the project, check out The Consortium Thread and share your thoughts or questions. Once we can effectively calculate it, I believe there will be a number of great opportunities to use this information to take gold-making to the next level. Imagine being able to make even more informed purchasing decisions, or being able to to better leverage your investment power through predicting economic trends long before they even happen. Goblineering at its finest!

best wow gold sites - inflation
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Legit WoW Gold - How to Earn 3k Gold with WoW Fishing
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Best WoW Gold Site - Guardian Cub

Best WoW Gold Site - Guardian Cub

WoW Gold Reviews | Many of you have been wondering what kind of opportunities the new Blizzard Store pet brings, the one that can be sold in the Auction House: The Guardian Cub. Though listing it in the Auction House would be silly if one wants the most gold out of it in the fastest time possible.

I try to limit the amount of posts about gold making tricks that contain speculation or haven't been verified by myself, so excuse me. But if you do it right and really need some super fast gold, there's lots of potential.

Best Place to Buy WoW Gold - Drink a swiftness potion. Drink two.

The new "BOE" pet is a curious thing, but it's hard to predict what kind of impact it will have on the economy. After all, no such thing has been available before. It's like Blizzard is selling gold in their store! best place to buy wow gold

There's quite a few things that may happen and here's my thoughts on them.

The first person to sell these will make the most gold off the more impatient pet collectors and clueless people in general. A person advertising this pet in the trade chat may even get 10-20k offers for the pet. best wow gold sites Perhaps more as over half of the players don't even know where the pet comes from or that there even is such a pet. Then again I'm the wrong person to guess the amounts that pet collectors would be ready to pay for new, useless, fluffy.. cute.. but still useless things. Rift Gold Reviews

However, since anyone can buy it from the pet store and it's a one time use pet, at least half will sell it instead. So it wouldn't surprise me to see 10 of such pets available at a time in the Auction House, where each seller attempts to undercut the other. best wow gold site This makes trade chat a bit less useful when more start to sell the pet, but at least there won't be auction house cuts and deposit fees.

There's always those SWTOR Credits Reviews that would like to monopolize it, so it's possible the prices could have 5 numbers for quite a while if someone attempts it.

IGE Coupon VS Epictoon Coupon
Blizzard Store vs. Gold Sellers vs. Gold Making

After checking IGE Coupon and Epictoon Coupon, the current prices for gold, the average amount you could obtain from a gold seller with $10 is 5000g on a larger EU realm. So purchasing the gold from the pet store instead may very well be more profitable,at least for a while. Who knows, maybe there will be 100 Cubs for sale on a bigger realm some day, for as little as 1000g each.

So, if you need gold and have $10 to spare, it could be a quick way to earn who knows how much, as long as you make sure you do it instantly when it's available in the pet store. Though I didn't see a mention of a release date so it may be hard to be the very gold site reviews

If you weren't fast enough, there's still more gold at Epictoon Review and IGE Review to be made by selling something else instead. Pick 10 or 15 methods from this blog, attempt them and you should have the same 20k in a day or two

Epictoon Coupon - Guardian Cub
WoW Gold Reviews – Guardian Cub
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buying wow gold safe - Farming Pyrite Ore

Best WoW Gold Site - Farming Pyrite Ore

There has been quite a bit of talk about WoW Gold Reviews and banter about what to do with all your Pyrite Ore stock.

I have been sitting on a few tabs since the beginning of Cata with a speculation that they would prospect into Epic Gems. Or even a form of Pyrite (Pyrium) Powder similar to Titanium Powder as we have seen in the past.

WoW Gold Reviews

Will it happen upon 4.3 launch? Maybe. Maybe not. But in my heart of hearts, I think that Blizz has an underwriting plan to deplete the mass of Pyrite Ore that is in many folks bags/banks. But one thing is for sure if you need gold make sure to look for WoW Gold Reviews first. Are you gonna be the one on your server that keeps em? I know I will be.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Well, it all depends on how you think. I have always speculated in this game when I decided to stockpile anything, and it isn't going to stop until I kill of my WoW account. I can be wrong a hundred times, and as long as Rift Gold Reviews I am right once, it makes it worth it to me.

Epictoon and IGE Review

So have you killed off your stockpile? Prospected, sold, crafted, etc?

IGE Review It's been a few months in one of my banks, whats a few more months? Of course we have been told by the almighty Ghostcrawler that they aren't giving up epic gems in 4.3, but what about a hotfix 4.3.145? Or 4.3.2?

Or Epictoon Review what other options are going to be available with this Ore? Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Smelting, etc.....?

Keep your options open, and you won't have to scramble last minute when you hear about "The new Million Gold Option" using Pyrite, and you kick yourself in your ass 'cuz you didn't keep any. SWTOR Credits Reviews

Just to give credit this post is originally from Alto Goldish Advice.

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buy warcraft gold - How To Make Gold In WoW Patch 4.3

If you aren't familiar with the way Blizzard works, there are multiple levels of testing before a patch comes to the live servers. After internal testing, Blizzard releases the upcoming patch to the infamous PTR, or Public Test Realm. This is a place for them to test new things out, make changes and get player feedback. If you haven't already heard, the 4.3 PTR is up and running, and with it come some significant changes that will impact our gold-making businesses. If you haven't already read it, give Mommar's post a read for a first glance at the PTR and WoW Gold Reviews.

Standard Disclaimer: Just because something is on the PTR, it doesn't mean it will make it to live servers. Things can and will still change. Case in point: the last week has seen many more additions and changes to the PTR.

So what does this mean for us? Well, let's dig in.

Direct Gold-Making Changes - Best WoW Gold Site

Some changes have a very obvious impact on our gold-making. To summarize, here are some of the major things being reported:

  • Chaos Orbs will no longer be soulbound. If Wrath is any indicator, this means Best WoW Gold Site and  everyone (not just crafters who can use them) will be able to roll on the orbs. Watch for them to start appearing on the Auction House shortly after the patch hits live servers. If you have a good stash, I would try using them up now while they're more valuable. I also won't be surprised if more recipes start requiring the orbs, which could bolster prices.

  • Raw gems are no longer vendorable. Flux at Power Word: Gold posted about it recently. You should read his post for more analysis and information. My hunch is this is an oversight/bug by Blizzard, but maybe not. Perhaps the Jewelcrafting nerfs are not finished yet. I'm not panicking about it, but if you have a large stash of raw commons that you don't have anything else to do with and don't feel like cutting, you might want to vendor them before the patch if this goes live. For ideas on how to use the raw gems, check out Shockkmaister's post on the Obsidium ShuffleRift Gold Reviews

  • Epic gems transmutable? Dataminers discovered that there will be alchemy transmutes for the epic gems. However, Kaliope logged in and couldn't find the spells on the Alchemy trainer, nor did they appear as a discovery from an existing transmute. Either Blizzard hasn't connected the dots yet, or the spells are in and won't be added until after a few months on live servers. Keep your eyes on this.

  • PVP armor sets are being automatically upgraded again. Kaliope also confirmed that our existing PVP starter sets are being automatically upgraded to the new iLevel 377 versions. These are usually pretty solid sellers during the opening week, then settle into a sometimes profitable price point. Stock up the materials now and be ready to craft them upon logging in. SWTOR Credits Reviews

Indirect Gold-Making Changes

There are other changes made to the game that will impact our gold-making business as well. While in-direct, these might be more significant to track:
  • Tier Gear is only available from raiding. The best armor for your class, that gives you a bonus based on wearing 2 or 4 pieces from the set at the same time will only be available as boss drops from the new Dragon Soul raid. No more buying that armor with Valor Points. However, to compensate for the lack of tier gear, more VP items will be available to cover the missing slots. Non-raiding characters will have the same number of items to gem/enchant as before, but raiders could conceivably enchant a non-tier chest, followed by their tier drop.  Epictoon Review

  • Looking For Raid will be added. Much like the dungeon finder, people will be able to join a queue to do a random Dragon Soul raid. More raids might be added later, but for now it's just the "current" raid in 4.3. Gear progression will now go Regular Dungeons >> Heroic Dungeons >> 4.3 Heroic Dungeons >> Raid Finder >> Normal Raid >> Heroic Raid. This adds a level of gearing that should help stabilize the gem/enchant market later into the patch. This is good news.

  • Gear from the new dungeons will be iLevel 378. The linked article has an up-to-date as of posting list of gear in the new dungeons. These will be upgrades for anyone not raiding Firelands. All those troll pieces people have been getting will need to be upgraded. Even some normal Firelands raid gear might be "sidegrades" for people and will need enchanting and gemming.

  • Valor Point rewards are changing again. The current plan is to give 150 VPs from any heroic dungeon (from the original Cataclysm dungeons through the new 4.3 dungeons. Troll dungeons will be shortened to 4 bosses from 6 and placed in the same tier as the 4.0 dungeons. The new dungeons seem to be designed to be shorter as well. All this adds up to faster dungeon runs and more people capping Valor Points for the week, which will lead to more gear purchases. Initially, we'll also see a larger influx of Maelstrom Crystals from the new dungeons, which will lower the prices. The new Maelstrom Shatter spell for enchanters will allow you to convert each Maelstrom Crystal into two Heavenly Shards. After people get tired of the new dungeons, however, many will return to the older ones and the supply of Heavenly Shards vs. Maelstrom Crystals will start to balance out IGE Review.

  • New crafted epics were added, then updated. Mostly this is just an update to the existing items that were found and mentioned in Mommar's post linked above. Sockets have been added and their stats are a little higher. The patterns look to be obtained in the Dragon Soul raid and will require a raid-drop material to create, much like the patterns from Firelands did.

4.3 is shaping up to be another gold mine for those who prepare. How are you tracking all the changes? What sites would you recommend? Any tips for people who are preparing for the patch?

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best wow gold site - How to make gold with Glyphs

This is going to be a pretty long post.  If you're not interested in my 30g Glyph Ceiling reasoning and results it may not be up your alley, but read on if that interests you!

WoW Gold Reviews - Glyph

I wanted to first say that I've greatly enjoyed the discussion that has stemmed from the 30g Glyph post.  While some agree with me and many do not I've loved every moment of the conversations I've had with all of you. I don't blog because I want people to praise me, though that's nice too!  I blog because I like to get my thoughts out there and I love getting feedback.  I love that the readers of this blog, be they regular readers or people who were directed here just to discuss the price ceiling, are passionate about what they do to the point they will engage in open and incredibly thought-provoking discussion about the subject, so thank you for being an awesome readership. WoW Gold Reviews

That said, I think my post was a bit misleading and I want to clarify my exact stance and motives, as well as where the miscommunication likely stemmed from.

I started my glyph posting and, in effort to "raise awareness" that it's a good time to buy glyphs, I posted both in Trade and on my realm forums.  Though my motives were grounded entirely in having fun and experimenting I was accused of having ulterior motives, people brought up the fact I was ruining the market for other scribes.

I wanted to address my actual motives (Previous posts focused on the plan, not the reasoning behind it) and so I posted "The 30g Ceiling" post.  I set out, when writing it, to explain that it was an experiment.  However, because I was prompted to write this post because people were imposing moral issues upon my plan, I believe I put too much of a moral stance into my post.

While, to me, this is all about having fun and messing around, I wanted to make it clear to others that, if it were to be a moral issue, I would still have ground to stand on.  As such I know that my post contained a lot that could be considered a moral defense, particularly discussing the outrage over previous glyph prices.  That was my mistake.  I set out to explain the "cold hard facts" about what I was doing and why, and instead tried to preemptively defend against arguments I knew were coming. By doing so I brought those very arguments into light and made them valid points, since my talking so much about moral issues implied I had a moral stance, which I do not.

Best WoW Gold Site

This was poor communication and writing on my part, and I wanted to apologize for that and clear this all up. Best WoW Gold Site 

Though the plan can be attacked and defended from many different standpoints, this is how the glyph ceiling came into being:

  1. I came back to WoW after a break which was due to boredom.
  2. I saw a few people had moved into the glyph market and wanted to make it known that I was back and ready to party.  It sounds juvenile (hell, it is juvenile) but I've viewed myself as a pretty big player in the glyph market and I wanted to intimidate people with my return. Not necessarily drive them out, but to say "You've been selling for weeks without competition. Be aware this will not continue."
  3. For a day or two I kept with my usual 1c undercuts however I'd run into a player who had a very similar posting strategy to me.  I was online posting glyphs from morning till night constantly posting and reposting and reposting just to compete with them.  I was a bit annoyed, to say the least.  I had a flashback to someone who actually drove me out of the glyph market, Jaav, the only person (beforeVeisse) I'd seen who was online as much as I was with as much dedication to reposting and being the lowest price.  Worried about having another Jaav on my hands I thought about ways I could combat Veisse's constant posting and seemingly endless AH presence.
  4. I thought maybe a change was in order if I wanted to shake things up with this player and not be stuck in a constant 1c undercut war.  I thought about what tactics were employed by players that were able to really cause me problems.  The one that always discouraged me the most was posting at a very low ceiling, usually around 35g.  I began to seriously consider doing this myself.
  5. I decided to give it a shot.  I crafted a small sample of glyphs and altered TSM to post them at a 30g ceiling.  They started flying off the shelves and Veisse quit undercutting.  I sat down and thought about the idea: I never ever ever pay more than 18g to craft a glyph; often crafting for much less than that.  Rift Gold Reviews Even with taking what I viewed as a substantially lower profit margin per glyph, I was still almost doubling my investment on every  single sale. This is something I could keep up.
  6. Then came the actual plan. Up until now I was blinded by a desire to be the big kid on the glyph selling playground. However, after doing this and trying out a bit of "30g or less for any glyph! Support low-cost glyphs!" advertising I started seeing interesting responses.  I've had several players whisper me thanking me for selling affordable glyphs.  I've also had an outcry in Trade about my evil, scheming ways and how surely my plan was to raise prices soon. SWTOR Credits Reviews
  7. By making this single shift in my glyph-selling plans I had changed the entire landscape of the AH. Glyphs are very cheap. I've actually had friends whisper me asking if I'm at fault for the herb prices since, as I buy out all the well-priced herbs at least once, often many times, per day I have changed the average price charged for herbs. New players seem able to buy glyphs.  The biggest change, however, has been in the other glyph sellers.  While a few players seem to have stepped back many glyph sellers have stepped up to the plate.  Most of my glyphs right now have been undercut by multiple people. Right now it's not unheard of to find most glyphs for around 15g when, a few weeks ago, you'd find many for 60+.  Me, a single player, did all of this.
  8. Suddenly I didn't care about the other sellers, beyond studying their actions from a "Oh that's interesting" sort of standpoint.  Though the plan was certainly created out of a . . . I wouldn't say spiteful mindset, but something similar.  Selfish?  Not sure.  The plan was created with an eye on benefitting me and hurting competitors.  However, having seen the results of the plan I've realized how much fun a single change in the way you approach a market can make, how much I can feel invigorated over what I previously hated most, all by shaking things up a bit.
  9. My mindset going out is that I invite anyone to undercut me and I never cancel auctions; once they're posted they're there till they expire. I am no longer competing with anyone.  This is an experiment in pricing and its impact on the server and that is the heart of my current endeavor.
So that's the evolution of the idea to this point.   I'm not backing my decisions on economic theory and honestly I don't really know where I'll end up in the end.  I'm just enjoying myself as it is and I'll continue until I'm no longer enjoying myself.

IGE Review & Epictoon Review

As for the results, here's what I've learned so far:

  • You can profit with Epictoon Review, but it requires moderate effort.  I spent a lot of time making the original stockpile and spend about 15 minutes a day, sometimes more, restocking what I sell to avoid going into my stock for as long as possible.  It is not as labor intense as I had anticipated, but it is not hands off either.
  • "Larger" mailbox reveals still happen.  I"ve always liked the term "mailbox reveal" for that time when you check your mail for the first time since yesterday or whenever and you just have gold pouring in.  Most mornings I wake up to 3k gold, once this weekend I had 7500g-aroundabout in my mailbox one morning.  (This character sells only glyphs and Inferno Ink.)  I had anticpated seeing mailbox reveals around 500g, so I'm happy to see larger!
  • People are cynical with IGE Review. I don't blame them!  To raise awareness (lol that sounds ridiculous) about the 30g glyph prices I will bark in trade about them once or twice a day.  People are more likely to question my motives, warn people not to buy from me because I'm bound to spike prices up soon, etc. etc.  I don't blame them, but it was funny. I found it interesting how many players I'd never heard of from a gold-making standpoint were suddenly discussing WoW market tactics in depth!
  • I've also learned how to combat the strategy I'm using if someone's doing it on your server and you don't like it.  Well, I'm not sure if it would work on everyone, but I guess my point is that I've identified my Achilles' Heel.  I'll share it when I get bored of keeping this up. ;P

So that's my report thus far.  I'll keep you posted on any changes to the plan, or new things I learn.  As always, I welcome any civil discussion and invite anyone to participate in said discussions and share their opinions.

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get gold in wow– How to make gold in wow

how to make gold in wow - fishing Many people, myself included, get frustrated when trying to get enough gold to do anything in World of Warcraft. You need it for so many things, and you just never seem to have enough to do what you want to do. At least that’s how I felt, and many of the people I knew who played WoW as well. However, there are a few ways to make a decent amount of gold in Cataclysm without resorting to buying it.

The Old Standby - WoW Gold Reviews

Now that Cataclysm has been out for a bit, this method of making gold isn’t quite as good as when the expansion first came out. WoW Gold Reviews But there’s always gold to be made if you’re sharp. Anyone who wants to level their crafting needs the materials to make the items. You just become the middle man. Whether it’s through mining ore, picking herbs, or killing mobs, you can get the materials they need. From there, you can either sell them on the auction house or directly to the crafter.

You can take up fishing and then sell the fish! - IGE Review

This method works best when any expansion or patch is released that adds crafting content. This is because crafters don’t want to waste time they could be levelling their crafting by getting the mats themselves. Essentially, you are taking advantage of the crafter’s laziness. So learn something like mining and start selling to those lazy crafters. IGE Review

Beating the Farmers - Epictoon Review

If you’ve missed the boat on an expansion or patch release, you can still make some gold, especially if you have a high-level character and/or some helpful friends. Epictoon Review This method just involves farming instances yourself. If you can do some all by yourself (ie. with a high level character) then you get to keep all the loot. And by “keep” I mean “sell.” This method is more a luck-of-the-draw type of deal.

Run instances to get great loot to sell.

Farming instances may be the most fun way to get gold, since you are actually in combat killing things. However, you might end up with nothing from it. You probably know some people who make decent gold from this already, I know I did. Rift Gold Reviews

Playing the Economy - Best WoW Gold Site

Do you have an interest in economics? How about a keen sense of the true value of a WoW item? Maybe you should play the auction house. Like I said though, you really need to know what something is actually worth. Here, you buy an item that you consider undervalued and then relist it with its true value in mind.

Make your gold playing the market.

SWTOR Credits Reviews If your instincts are correct, then when someone else buys the item you’ve just made a handy profit. Buy low, sell high, right?

Nose to the Grindstone

Instead of doing an instance, you can just go to an area that has tons of mobs and kill them with AoE attacks. Just make certain that the mobs respawn quickly, or you might be left idling until the next wave arrives.This method can get you lots of gold, since the small amounts you collect from each monster will add up over time.

Still Need Ideas? Best Place To Buy WoW Gold

If none of these methods appeal to you, try Best Place to Buy WoW Gold or if you want some really in-depth tips, then give a guide a try. My personal recommendation is the Cataclysm Gold Scalper system, which has tips and guides geared specifically for playing the auction house in Cataclysm.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Best WoW Gold Site – How to Make Gold in WoW

How to Make Gold in WoW
A player can acquire huge sums of gold by using the World of Warcraft, or WoW, auction house. You need gold for making purchases in the game, for GDKP raids, for leveling professions, and for repairing and training. A player can earn gold by gathering, farming, completing quests and crafting. Players need crafted and gathered items to make their characters more powerful. The best way to Best Place to Buy WoW Gold is sell those goods is through the auction house. With some research and a WoW auction house add-on, you'll be able to take advantage of the market and make a fortune.

Instructions Selling - WoW Gold Reviews

1. Choose what items to sell. WoW Gold Reviews  Check the auction house for the price and supply of an item before crafting or farming it. Compare that price to the cost of raw materials. The best prices and fastest sales usually come from high-level goods such epic leg enchants and herbs gathered from the highest-level zones. You may also find underpriced items while searching the auction house. Consider buying and reselling these items. If you're unsure of an item's value ,check Wowhead's database. Wowhead is a website that collects and displays information about WoW items, quests, professions and talents. The average buyout, or the amount the item sold for, is in the upper right-hand corner of the Wowhead item page.

2. Post any items you want to sell on the auction house. Friday, Saturday and Sunday tend to be the best days for selling. Gem and item enchants -- consumable items that give a piece of gear additional stats -- also sell well on Tuesdays.

3. Collect your gold. The auction house will take a 5 percent cut of the final sale price. The gold will appear in your mailbox one hour after the sale. You have 30 days to collect the gold.

Auction House Add-Ons – Epictoon & IGE Review

1. Choose an add-on. Epictoon Review There are many free, legal add-ons available on Curse, a gaming website that provides add-ons for WoW and other video games. Add-ons can post your auctions under competitors' prices, cancel your undercut auctions, relist auctions, tell you the average price of an item, suggest items for you to sell, and list underpriced items that you can buy and resell for profit. Doing all of this by hand would take hours, but an add-on can do it for you in minutes.

2. Try out add-ons one at a time until you find one that you like. They can be turned on or off under the "Add-Ons" menu at the lower left-hand side of the character selection screen.

3. Customize the add-on. IGE Review Right click the add-on icon on your mini-map in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, or type the appropriate text in the command line. Some add-ons will be automatically integrated into your view of the auction house. Enter the items you want to sell, how much you want to undercut the competition by, the duration of the auction, the lowest price you're willing to sell the item for and the default price in case no one else is selling that item.

4. Test your add-on after your customizations are set. If you entered information incorrectly into your add-on, it could post the items for the wrong price or post too many items. Empty your bags of everything except for two or three items that you wish to test your add-on with. Tell the add-on to post these auctions. Rift Gold Reviews

5. Post all of your auctions and wait for the gold to pour in. Occasionally, check whether your prices are the lowest available. Relist your auction if it was undercut.
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IGE Review – How to buy wow gold safely without getting banned?

How to buy wow gold safely without getting banned

World of warcraft is a very pupular game. I suggest you not play it because you will get addicted. And if you are playing the game you know blizzard has built such a beautiful world. You can find everything you need in the second world. And during the playing, you will be attracted by so many fun parts in wow. You want the gears, achievements, mounts etc...... but you need to spend much time in the game to get it. And then, you have an easy way which is buying gold to meet your demands.  Is buying World of Warcraft gold safe? Can you get banned? Where can you find the cheapest gold? I will tell you everything about the wow gold market and teach you how to buy gold safely without getting banned.

Best Place To Buy WoW Gold
First of all, you need to know buying gold is against the Terms of Service in WOW, and buying gold might get your game account permanently suspended or banned. But research told us amost a quarter of players had bought gold and most of them were not gotten banned. Because blizzard designed so many needs in the game and they knew it was impossible to stop the players' demands. So they just ban the farmers' accounts and the accounts who have bought stolen gold. You can learn more in this article: Best Place to Buy WoW Gold

Epictoon Review

Epictoon Review As I have said in that article, when those middle-man companies get your order on a realm, they will open their stock to announce that they want to buy gold in your realm, the information will be collected by the database, then all the gold sellers, including mid-mid-companies, gold working-rooms, and the one who work together with hackers, will know that and then sell the gold to the middle-man companies. they don't know where the gold come from, by hand, bots or hackers. So they can't promise that their gold is clean.  That means you have a chance to buy the gold from hacked accounts and you can't avoid that because no one can promise their gold is totally clean. If the site you buy from tell you that their gold is from direct farmers or anything... don't trust them... I am sure it is a lie.

IGE Review

So how to buy wow gold without getting banned? You can just simply buy the gold through auction house or check out IGE Review for top gold selling site. Auction house will make all the gold clean. You put on some items such as silk cloth on auction house and set the total price to the 105% amount that you want, then the site you buy from must take the 5% fee of the auction house. And sometimes they don't have the gold in your faction, alliance or horde, but they have the gold on other faction, then you can get the gold through booty bay auciton house, but you must set the total price to 115% and they must take the 15% fee.They will agree with that because their profit is more than 30% or higher.  So choose a cheap site with fast delivery reputation. And tell them you only accept the auction house trading, if they agree, then you can buy from them, your account will be safe.

About how to buy cheapest gold, I will write another article that I will compare all the famous middle-man companies. Then you can choose the cheapest one. WoW Gold Reviews 

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