Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DotA Theme Manager 4 Download

DotA Theme Manager Version 4 is now available! DTM is awesome tool that allows you to change in game appearance for your Warcraft III new look. You can choose from:

After IceFrog released DotA 6.60 with a lot of new content. Just published Dota Theme Manager 4 along with 2 new themes. Here is all the download link and guide to install DotA theme Manager:

Dota Theme Manager Version 4

Installation Guide
1. Download the DotA Theme Manager 4.

2. Unzip the file and copy folder to your Warcrat Directory

3. Inside the folder, look for DTMV4.exe and create a shortcut to your desktop.

4. In changing themes, Warcraft III application must be close.

5. Launch the DTMV4.exe.

6. A message box pop-up, click Ok.

7. The DotA Theme Manager will be launch.

8. Just choose your desired Theme.

9. After running the Script Out you can now launch your Warcraft III and enjoy the your new Theme.