Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rift Mobile Authenticator Free Download

It has been claimed that as massive volume number of players playing Rift is the amount of swindle and hack attempts happens. This been common problem of serious problem that game owners need to decide to guard their business and obviously their players. These are the same issues experienced by Blizzard and almost all of their players.

As Blizzard attempt to minimise these issues they informed their players some preventative measures on the right way to fight scams and phishing activities. And at 2008 they release 'Blizzard Authenticator' for players to reduce the chances of being hack. But what about Rift? The easy way to shield your Rift Account and Rift Gold from hackers? Here's a wonderful tool to help out and feel safer with your account.

TRION announce yesterday the releasing of the Rift Mobile Authenticator for your favorite Apple iOS and Android devices! Rift Authenticator is further and extra layer of security to your account against unapproved access regardless of if your PC becomes compromised.

And its freely whether your using an Apple or Android gadget. This Rift Authenticator has the functions like Battlenet Authenticator, it reduce the probability of hack accounts as it compromised with your telephone. For more details about how you can get the free Mobile Authenticator app for your smart-phone see the details below:
  1. Download the RIFT Mobile Authenticator. [Download link for iOS devices | Download link for Android devices]
  2. Install and run the Authenticator to obtain a unique serial key that will allow you to link the application to your RIFT Account.
  3. Log in to your Trion Worlds Account and click the "Authenticator" link under "Account Security" on the Account Summary Page.
  4. Enter the unique serial key generated by the Authenticator in the indicated field, complete the rest of the form, and click "Apply Serial Key".
Each time you enter your login credentials you need to obtain the access code with your Rift Mobile Authenticator. Protect your account and Rift Gold from these hackers; don’t put all your effort into waste. Feel secure with Rift Mobile Authenticator.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Rift Slash Commands and Macro Basics

Rift Slash Commands are commands that developer allow players to use to create macros or perform certain actions. 

There are many hidden shortcuts and tricks to improve your gameplay are possible only in using Rift Slash Commands. There are lots of actions that are performable in game with used of mouse but most of them using Rift Slash Commands. The following lists are Common Rift Slash Commands that you may also usable in macros: 

Rift Slash Commands: General Commands

Slash Command Description
/# <message> Sends your message to chat channel #. Type /chatlist for channel numbers.
/guild <message> Sends a message to your guild's chat channel. Also /gu, /gc and /g.
/ignore <name> Puts the named player on your ignore list.
/join <channel name> Causes you to join a chat channel. If no such channel exists, will create a private channel. Also /chatjoin, /cjoin, /channel and /chan.
/party <message> Sends a message to your party's channel. Also /p.
/raid <message> Sends a message to your raid's channel. Also /rsay.
/reply <message>Sets your chat to send a message to the person who last sent you a tell (whisper). By default, you can also use the hotkey 'r' without any preceding slash.
/say <message>Sends a public message to all players nearby. Rather like talking out loud. Also /s.
/shout <message>Sends a public message, like a /say but much farther. Rather like shouting out loud. Also /yell.
/tell <Player Name> <message>Sends a private message to the named player. Also /whisper, /w and /t.
/tweetpic Tweet a Screenshot.
/tweet Opens the twitter interface.

More of RIFT Slash Commands..