Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Added Guides in FFXIV Killer Guides

New Added Guides in FFXIV Killer Guides

Killerguides FFXIV ReviewIf you read my previous review about Killer Guides FFXIV, here is just continuation of the guide. As I found an interesting development with the guide as they release new set of guides, the Arcanist Guide and the Lancer Guide.

Both guide help you to how to level fast as fast of one week, recommendation on what equips to wear and skill rotation to maximize your character full potential. They will provide you some tips and techniques in pulling strategies, skill rotations and tactical gameplay in systematic manner, this will easily double your soloing efficiency. Also with this guides it will teach you how to monetize your character by providing you some on areas and monsters to kill that bring greater profit and for you to earn more gil. Of course the info is limited unlike their gil guide, which contains the most effective ways on how to earn gil.

Now they have five guides to choose from depends of your need. But if you buy this guide in bundle, you can have all this for $49.99. Compose of 5 guides and total of 460 pages to read with.

If you still undecided to have this or not, hope this Killer Guide FFXIV review can help you out. Also read user’s feedback about this guide as well as Killer Guide coupon codes.

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