Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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You will find almost 27 Millions of results you will discover after you Google for WoW Gold, but only few is usually called Best WoW Gold Site. There are lots of conditions to be called BEST but only FEW succeed and were trusted by players. Let me give you brief insights which often we consider Best WoW Gold Site and we strongly suggest if you wish to purchase from these websites.

Monday, June 27, 2011

WoW Farming Secrets for your very own Alts

It's entirely possible that your class and talent choices aren't suitable for farming. Some classes are far weaker at farming as opposed to runners. Case a well known fact of life. Similarly, some talent builds are better than others in common situations. I already made similar post about WoW Farming Secrets but that is more detailed version.

WoW Farming with all your Alts, possible?

But if your talents/class combo isn't best at farming, then, you've got three choices: adapt talents to farming (where possible, even if this can still make you with a big disadvantage because of your class), just put up with it and continue grinding in a slow pace, or you may roll an alt.

Monday, June 13, 2011

WoW Gold Tips for Patch 4.2

There’s nothing much is going to be happen this upcoming PTR Build 14265. There’s a rumor that this is going to be launched soon so watch for it. Here’s their email list to anticipate on Patch 4.2 - PTR Build 14265:

1. Two new companion added
2. Increase damage for Might of the Frozen Wastes of DK.
3. Much lower reagents requirements for Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring.

Even there’s no big event to anticipate I actually do suggest to master time for you to reach WoW Gold Cap by these guides:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nintendo Wii U available soon!

Rumored console - next generation console game has been break its silence and now confirmed! On 2012, Nintendo will about to release the Nintendo Wii U. According to the source, its about to release on mid 2012 and may are excited because of its cool features. This is far different from the original Wii that requires physical movement for you to play this game. Nintendo Wii U is using Analog Controler and a 6.2" touchscreen controller.

For more inquiries on Nintendo Wii U features and specs, check out Nintendo Wii U.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rift Public Test Shard Now Live!

At June 02 - 3:00PM PDT, the Rift PTS is now open for players that are looking to try before Rift 1.3 Update release. Trion Worlds is going to open again to test realm for bug test. For more information, visit Rift Public Test Shard and Rift Forum.

Based on Scott Hartsman - Rift Executive Producer there more exciting features to view out on upcoming Rift 1.3 Update, this consists of the Rift Character Transfer at no cost! Their target release is start summer, for many who can’t wait there is a chance to check it out Rift PTS. For instruction regarding how to install and download the PTS Client, click here.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rift Character Transfer

Rift Character Transfer

As many players decided to switch server because of some reasons like always on queue coz high popularity server or have friends in-real life in other server and etc. Now its your chance to change in one server to another and you will take your character out of the box the guild level and name if your a guild leader when the Rift 1.3 start. This is one of the features on which to expect on next major update. Here's the full post from Rift Forum.

When the next major RIFT™ update hits early come july 1st, subscribers is going to be treated to a surprise - free Rift Character Transfer. Trion Worlds announced today that with Rift 1.3, players will have a way to move to pick servers within their territory once each week, taking all items, achievements, and titles together. Additionally, guild leaders will be able to move their guild’s level and experience.

“MMOs are all about playing with your friends no matter which server they’re on, and that’s why we’re offering this as a free service to our subscribers,” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer. “RIFT is both a game and a service, and adding free server transfers is just one more way we can make this the best possible MMO experience available.”

Whether you need to play with friends, check out a new server, or avoid queue times on highly populated servers, you’ll be free to move about Telara. As a part of this grand experiment, there'll initially be no limits about the quantity of times you can transfer your characters or guild.

Rift Character Transfer will stay a totally free service for that foreseeable future, and could be a permanent addition to the Rift experience. Subscribers can perform the transfers inside of the game itself once the patch is live.

To read the original post, click here. For More Information - Browse the FAQ.