Friday, October 1, 2010

Most Problems (Lag & DC) in DotA how to minimize

One of the very common and very annoying problem while playing DotA is Lag & DC or Disconnection. This is most hassle part while playing and can lost your momentum. This can delay of the game, ruin the game and may results to remake. See the list below of tips which ma help you reducing lag while playing DotA.

-          Make sure you have better internet connection at least 512kbps. As much as possible avoid using wireless internet connection.
  • At Garena, play at your country rooms. The ping at your country room had low ping, so less chances of lag.
  • Close all programs while playing that eats internet bandwidth. i.e. uTorrent, Skype, any messenger, Firefox, any download managers and especially don’t watch porn while playing. You don’t want teammates get mad at you.
  • Avoid joining on host with “X” pings, coz the connection is not stable and start experiencing lag and disconnect thru game.
  • If you get disconnected, just rejoin the room to refresh your ping.
  • If you plan to be host, you must do the above things I said and make sure you have good PC.
  • Add your Warcraft 3 at your Network Firewall safe list so it does not block any port which Garena uses.
Hope this basic guide can improve your gaming experience. Just remember, you’re playing game for entertainment enough for trash talk and enjoy the game!

TIPS: Tunneling / Tunnel does not reduce lag/delay problem. This tunnel only works for a player can’t see the game server of other players.

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