Saturday, October 9, 2010

Warcraft Version Switcher Download & Guide

Getting pissed on that you can't enjoy the pack coz your Warcraft Version is 1.24d or lower? When all of the GARENA Maps available is at 1.24e? Here's the easy guide how:

1. Download Warcraft folder the WVS 12.4e Dota Utilities and extract to Warcraft III folder.
2. Open the Wvs.exe file. Just click ok if the Warning message pop-up.

3. Select your Warcraft III Folder
4. The application will be close, reopen the same file again.
5. Click 'Switch Version' (the first button from left)
6. Click on 'TFT Version 1.24e'
7. Congratulations your Warcraft Version is now 1.24e.

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