Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paypal Team Up With Blizzard Against WoW Gold Sellers

wow gold

Blizzard warns WOW players selling virtual gold for money through Paypal : stop or your account will be blocked. A strike for World of Warcraft gold miners. Blizzard has just lately approached PayPal saying that gold miners selling virtual gold for real money in the game are violating intellectual rights of the company because the gold is protected under copyright law as a part of the game the company invented.

Gold mining is a good way to earn income from Blizzard's mass role playing game. Gold miners play the game for hours with one goal under consideration : to get as much virtual gold as practical. After achieving enough gold they offer it up on sale for real money on the web. You will be shocked but a few WOW players have an interest in purchasing the product with which they can progress thru the game more quickly and easily. PayPal accepted Blizzards claim and quickly sent a warning to a lot of gold traders telling them they should stop their actions instantly or their accounts will be blocked. The company also gave miners an opportunity to protect themselves and appeal the claim they're violating copy rights but when on the opposite side of the legal desk stands a giant like Blizzard, its difficult to believe they have an opportunity to change the choice.

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