Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WoW News: BattleGround AFK and Botters are Now Out!

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Last Monday when someone reported about AFKers and Botters in battlegrounds coz it seems the report button to remove the player outside the BG is not functioning. And early this morning Bashiok replied to the report and now they are in action.

They are now detecting and tracking their logs for players that are misbehaving. If someone got caught they removing the earned items, honor points and the worst will be banning of accounts. LOL

“I just did Battle for Gilnes, 10 v 10 bg. we had 2 people who were afk and one who was a bot that mounted and ran forward.
I reported all 3 along with another two people in the bg and they were never removed. They never entered combat they stayed inside the ship where you enter the battleground. Blizzard needs to make something to counteract this. Id like a blue post on here please because you cant win 7 v 10.”
Resarcio Said

We’re in the process of stepping up our detection and tracking to log and action players that are botting, or habitually AFKing in the Battlegrounds. We’ll be taking aggressive action and removing earned items, Honor Points, and ultimately suspending or even banning accounts of those that are found to be botting or habitually AFKing. It’s a sophisticated level of monitoring we’re undertaking. No one actively playing in the Battlegrounds normally should be concerned that they’ll be actioned.” Bashiok Replied


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