Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to ensure that your buying gold from safe site!

Most players are worried about their precious account, what if I get banned if I buy gold? That’s why most players have their hesitation of buying WoW gold. I’m sure you’re wondering too how to buy wow gold safe?

The Blizzard Entertainment: WoW Terms of Use says that you can’t trade in-game currency, items and so on for real money. Well, I know many World of warcraft gamers that already bought wow gold and never had any problems about that. So typically, you won’t have any problem.

Think of this, a few months ago i received in the mail 20 Uncutted Red Gems, the guy made a mistake when mailing them, what now? Should I be banned? Those are thoughts that pop in my mind when I buy gold, just make sure to take in moderation.

But how you really ensure that your buying gold from safe site? Well make sure buy ONLY from trusted site! The next question is how will I know which from them are trusted?

WoW Gold Safe

There’s a post that I read, Is Buying WoW Gold Safe?. There are some faqs and data shows coming from, this show the monthly traffic of a particular website had. The amazing figures shock me that there are more than 20K monthly visitors that a RMT has. Imagine 70% of that is seeking to buy gold, well that makes me believe that there are something on these website and why 20k visitors are interested with them to buy World of Warcraft Gold.

Another tips on how you ensure that your company that your buying gold with can deliver your gold safely is look for WoW Gold Reviews. Top gold sellers are listed, compared and ranked according to how they deliver your gold fast and safe. Other services are rated like how they well handle a customer support in case you have inquiry in your orders or need assistance. Discount coupons and prices are also listed.

Hope that I provide you the info you need. If you find it useful, share it with your friends!

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