Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reforge Calculator - Must Have WoW Addon

ReforgeLite is truly a new addon produce by WoWAce.com. ReforgeLIte is a calculator for lightweight reforging. This will help you to seek out optimal method to reforge on a single of your equipment together with given stat weights and caps. This is frequently used to damage dealers, mainly because other roles don’t have caps as vital as Hit/Expertise.

Strategies for using Reforge Lite

1.Type /reforge or speak to reforging master to open up addon window. And you’ll view the current stats at the left of screen whilst at the right side you are able to set up stat weights/caps or select an existing preset.

2.Pick up to two capped stats (e.g. hit rating and expertise rating). In each stat, you could pick out as well as arbitrary quantity of threshold value manually or make use of the default (e.g. melee hit cap). Pushing the stat value still possible if you would like it to be below or above the threshold.

3.Click Calculate, new table come out informs you recommendation about what to do. You are able to adjust this manually for you own items or let the ReforgeLite do it for you.

4.Strike Show, it will provide you with the items with the tick next to them is items which the addon interprets to be correctly reforged. You may keep items exactly as they usually are by checking the Tick.

5.In the list all items that not ticked are the items that is going to be reforge when you click Reforge. Just be sure before clicking the Reforge you really sure coz once you click on Reforge it is going to immediately reforge your not ticked items however you may still click Cancel.

Source: WoW Addons : ReforgeLite

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