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get gold in wow– How to make gold in wow

how to make gold in wow - fishing Many people, myself included, get frustrated when trying to get enough gold to do anything in World of Warcraft. You need it for so many things, and you just never seem to have enough to do what you want to do. At least that’s how I felt, and many of the people I knew who played WoW as well. However, there are a few ways to make a decent amount of gold in Cataclysm without resorting to buying it.

The Old Standby - WoW Gold Reviews

Now that Cataclysm has been out for a bit, this method of making gold isn’t quite as good as when the expansion first came out. WoW Gold Reviews But there’s always gold to be made if you’re sharp. Anyone who wants to level their crafting needs the materials to make the items. You just become the middle man. Whether it’s through mining ore, picking herbs, or killing mobs, you can get the materials they need. From there, you can either sell them on the auction house or directly to the crafter.

You can take up fishing and then sell the fish! - IGE Review

This method works best when any expansion or patch is released that adds crafting content. This is because crafters don’t want to waste time they could be levelling their crafting by getting the mats themselves. Essentially, you are taking advantage of the crafter’s laziness. So learn something like mining and start selling to those lazy crafters. IGE Review

Beating the Farmers - Epictoon Review

If you’ve missed the boat on an expansion or patch release, you can still make some gold, especially if you have a high-level character and/or some helpful friends. Epictoon Review This method just involves farming instances yourself. If you can do some all by yourself (ie. with a high level character) then you get to keep all the loot. And by “keep” I mean “sell.” This method is more a luck-of-the-draw type of deal.

Run instances to get great loot to sell.

Farming instances may be the most fun way to get gold, since you are actually in combat killing things. However, you might end up with nothing from it. You probably know some people who make decent gold from this already, I know I did. Rift Gold Reviews

Playing the Economy - Best WoW Gold Site

Do you have an interest in economics? How about a keen sense of the true value of a WoW item? Maybe you should play the auction house. Like I said though, you really need to know what something is actually worth. Here, you buy an item that you consider undervalued and then relist it with its true value in mind.

Make your gold playing the market.

SWTOR Credits Reviews If your instincts are correct, then when someone else buys the item you’ve just made a handy profit. Buy low, sell high, right?

Nose to the Grindstone

Instead of doing an instance, you can just go to an area that has tons of mobs and kill them with AoE attacks. Just make certain that the mobs respawn quickly, or you might be left idling until the next wave arrives.This method can get you lots of gold, since the small amounts you collect from each monster will add up over time.

Still Need Ideas? Best Place To Buy WoW Gold

If none of these methods appeal to you, try Best Place to Buy WoW Gold or if you want some really in-depth tips, then give a guide a try. My personal recommendation is the Cataclysm Gold Scalper system, which has tips and guides geared specifically for playing the auction house in Cataclysm.

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