Friday, November 4, 2011

SWTOR: Which Class Do you want to Choose?

SWTOR: Which Class Do you want to Choose?

I have a confession to generate. While I’m curious about what classes my fellow The exorcist: The Old Republic players are going to be rolling come this 20th of December, there is little other basis for this post except for me to shamelessly geek out over cool videos. Oh, and also to instigate even more frustration in those who're unable to pick which class to learn first at launch, certainly.

Oh, wait. While we’re for a roll, We've another confession. The reality is, I'm sure I’m slightly torn myself now. I realize, I do know. After taking place for months and months about playing a Bounty Hunter and chortling gleefully inside my friends who couldn’t decide or were constantly switching class preferences, I can’t believe We're now having the same problem. Chalk up to increasing restiveness even as inch closer and more detailed “Holiday 2011?.

After last Friday’s turmoil the Jedi Consular Records, here’s all eight SWTOR class trailers in every their glory:

Trooper - The Hook: War is gritty, but it’s our duty. To address for hope! Freedom! As well as the Republic! In addition to doing it all while sounding like FemShep!

Bounty Hunter- The Hook: Nothing turns him on more than a death mark on your own head. This used to be my clear first choice, and today I'm wondering was it genuinely ever?

Smuggler - The Hook: There's no doubt that any particular one Smuggler line “I wasn’t intending on living forever anyway, I’m in!” says it all.

Imperial Agent - The Hook: Using sexy toys, flying in sexy ships, making out with sexy aliens.

Sith Warrior - The Hook: Angry, violent, and bent on destruction. Sometimes it’s just fun for being bad.

Sith Inquisitor - The Hook: Evil and power-hungry, and yeesh, evidently which has a megalomaniac complex. Yes, being bad might be fun, but sometimes being bad while crazy and deluded is usually even more fun!

Jedi Knight - The Hook: If you’ve ever fantasized about being Luke Skywalker.

Jedi Consular - The Hook: Truth, calmness, and unity will bring us to justice and victory. Furthermore, i mean that the music during this trailer doesn’t even really sound that Star War-sy but it’s amazing and even my personal favorite out of all with the trailer themes.

Had you end up picking now which class to pick from? Well that's really be determined by your gameplay. But one thing for sure as soon as the game start level as quick as they can. To be a head provides the greater opportunity for better loots and equips. You shouldn't be delay by farming credits coz IGE will let you, you can purchase cheap SWTOR Credits and fast & secure delivery! Only at IGE!

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