Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guide: Choosing your trusty SWTOR Companions

Fans with the Star Wars Universe are fully aware of no doubt be familiar with the idea of heroes travelling the galaxy with friends in tow, but the Companion feature in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is definitely an exciting new system unfamiliar to most MMO veterans. With Companion’s Bioware aims to take direct gameplay benefits whilst preparing the overall flavor with the player story, immersing the ball player deeply in a aspect because they invest themselves within the other.

The Companions you’ll come upon are interesting, original characters who join you during your adventures. Each character can have up to five Companions, which vary from fierce alien warriors to quirky astromech droids to cunning, seductive rogues.

Picking a Companions a new player may encounter varies according to which class has become selected. By having a player’s Companions, you gain access to new adventures and knowledge, and a great number of available quests are exposed, each differing using the decisions you’ve made, which often have an influence on your Companions' development.

Your Companions also play a role in the overall game's crafting system in a manner that both increases its interactivity and decreases just how long you need to spend performing tedious tasks. You can just assign them tasks, including the gathering of a specific resource or ask them to craft a specific item and they will do so for you. They will even do this again when you're not online, minimizing time needed to tackle the granular details, while maximizing how much SWTOR Credits ( also known as SWTOR) gained from doing them.

Finally, and above all, your Companions can accompany yourself the ground during missions. Their skills--be they technical, medical, martial, social or otherwise--can mean the real difference between failure and success, life and death. Therefore, it is important to keep them properly prepared and in good shape to ensure they could keep up with you. You will need to invest SWTOR Credits in their equipment in much the same you might whether or not this were your individual character's, in this sense, Companions are an extension box of your character. Don’t fret however, your Companions will earn that cash back to suit your needs and then some, whether it’s saving your daily life or tedious resource gathering, in ways they’re worth how much in SWTOR credits!

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